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Classroom Authority

Posted By: Virginia Richardson on May 28, 2003
Dear David. My sense is that you may be looking at this topic as a sociological or organizational phenomenon. There has been some work on this topic as a more individual or social psychological phenomenon related to feelings of authority on the part of the teacher or of his/her students toward the teacher. There is an interesting literatyure by two Canadians, Tom Russell and Hugh Munby on the authority of experience. Also, I would urge you to contact Dirck Roosevelt at the University of Michigan

I do believe the construct ran into some political correctness as people attempted to consider the classroom as a Habermasian dialogue environment. Hoever, the teacher DOE have the authority. The classroom is not a space in which everyone is "completely equal". It is probably a good time to reconsider the concept.

Virginia Richardson
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 classroom authority in practice by David Gehle on April 9, 2003
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