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A past but not at all forgotten paperwork ("classroom authority")

Posted By: David Gehle on March 15, 2004
Dear Mr. Robert J. Barta,

firstly I have to say "sorry" having neglected this topic I started here, beyond all having not yet answered on all the both serious and helpful replies, I recently (re-)discovered. Thank you for yours; for now I start off one by one.
I'm now in the last step of my formation, which is "junior teacher" (just trying to translate..) with 12+ lessons a week (20 in certain periods) and the duties of a class teacher in autumn (grades 3nd and 8th, then). Which brings me to your message, Mr. Barta, which I thank you very much for. It's sort of congruent with something I thought while growing into the profession I finally (!) chose, which turned out to be the best present I got/made in my life. Thinking over escaping the anticipated hazard of reacting on offensive behavior on the students behalf (where the target is almost never my person) with an offensiveness (with the harmful weapons teachers learn to use) towards the students (individually or collectively), trying to avoid this trap, the thought came into mind: "They're basically innocent, be they 6 or 16 years old". I find this acknowledged now again each time I hear of an individual fate out of "my" students, despite the fact that they're properly testing, examining me, not only with words. It's not a difficult thing now to love them, because they are so human and because this testing me is nothing but a serious demand. And they have a humour which testifies a main principle of it and - besides - makes me laugh right out sometimes. The littles of the 2nd grade tend to make me do the "opposite", sometimes and afterwards.
I have to hurry a bit now and thank you again for your letter. I can't but wish you health for a hundred years.


David Gehle
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 classroom authority in practice by David Gehle on April 9, 2003
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