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brain based learning

Posted By: joyce martin on November 4, 2004
Two suggestions:
First, if you are interested in applying Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences to distance learning you may want to read:Multiple Intelligences and Online Learners, Education International vol 1 No 1, June 2004

Second, if you are looking to show people how Gardner's theory relates to how they see themselves and others, try either of these:
Profiting from Multiple INtelligences in the Workplace From Gower Publishing... This gives you some inventories and how peopel can use the theory for promoting their own skills, recognising the skills of others and writing job descriptions. Or, if you want more 'activiites" that will teach/illustrate how MI can influence/change relations, use 35 Multiple Intelligence Activites (also from Gower) This is a complete, self-standing package that can be used by anyone and adapted to suit local interests.

Best of luck...stay in touch. J
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 Faculty Development & Brain-based Learning by Kathy Overstreet on April 22, 2004
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