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Re Suggestions in your last set of comments... great !

Posted By: Barbara Joseph on November 22, 2004

Dear Beverlyn,

**What you have written is generous and very sensible. And I am prepared to follow through with your suggestion of writing a grant etc. Thanks for that suggestion.

*But I'll need to go to the Continuing Ed. Division of the University of the West Indies(I tutor here) and the Ministry of Education with the "plan" for their approval before we write any grant.
**All pre-schools are government-controlled. Continuing Edu. UWI runs a Preschool Teachers' course for two years. Its not too "hot" but it is a start. It does not have an Early Literacy component. We need this and the brain-based(?) approach is welcome knowledge. Because they do Child Development.
We also have a dynamic agency called "Servol" that runs a good preschool teachers program-- this stretches up the Caribbean islands.
Selecting teachers for this project is no problem. The problem is to get the plan through/by the heads of these divisions. An Early start is best.

*I will suggest an intensive training of about 45 teachers/teacher-leaders initially, chosen from the educational districts--and these teachers will then go into their districts and spread this knowledge through seminars,workshops. Early Literacy can then be written into future preschool teacher training programs...follow-up is necessary._______________________________________

**So then tell us more about you please...your faculty, your work and suggestions you may have on places/foundations re submitting proposals. I'll do my part. Sounds good!!All the best.

**I am a fairly well-known educator, and teacher-trainer. I also did Reading Research at the UWI in the early 1980's. And I worked as a teacher and Curriculum Officer with the Ministry of Education, Trinidad. I am retired from this service and I am professionally alive.

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