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Early Childhood Molding

Posted By: Shi Wenli on September 3, 2003
Early Childhood Molding
Zhangjiakou, Hebei province,China, Shi Wenli
Generally speaking, a child grows up experiencing three periods: childhood, boy/girlhood, and nonage. Of all the three, the childhood period seems the most essential in molding a child¡¯s character, interest, emotion, and other important elementary skills which will become extremely vital when he grows up. It is very visual to compare a child to a young tree. Whether it could grow up straight and strong depends on a lot of work done by parents, teachers and social workers. It is said that parents are the first teacher of a child, which we can not emphasize it too much. There is always the topic of conversation in society that some schools or teachers are better qualified or not, but there is few helping hand to concern the problems whether the parents are qualifies or not. What society should do if some parents do not fit the position? There have been a lot of reports that most criminals in prison or at large have experienced of being ill-treated, violence in the family, racial or religious hatred around in the region, or most brutal killing in war when they were young. Therefore to make every child a man who is useful and responsible for the society, a mild and peaceful climate in the family becomes necessary for the childhood education. Laws should be passed and relevant measures should be taken to secure every life from very beginning that it could develop in a proper environment.
¡°Well begun, Half done¡±, I am sure. There are many more people who pay close attention to the primary and high school education, which is much easier to operate than the pre-school instruction. If most children enrolled by the school are well developed both in soul and emotion, of course, all people including parents, teachers, school leaders as well as the children will feel proud of themselves. In this case, the most beneficial part is this world, as its residents¡¯ quality has been improved, the paradise that all desire is approaching.
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 Early Childhood Molding by Shi Wenli on September 3, 2003
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