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Re: disability and the civil rights movement

Posted By: Howard Fulfrost on November 2, 2012
In many ways, the Brown decision was the catalyst that spawned the civil rights movement, especially as it pertained to public education.

The Supreme Court concluded that a separate education was fundamentally an unequal education. This ultimately impacted the education of the disabled because it fueled the idea of educating children with disabilities in public schools -- from simple inclusion in public education to least restrictive environment (and mainstreaming and inclusion). Ironically, however, children with disabilities remain marginalized, and are often relegated to a different "space" than their typically developing peers. This segregation is not unique to children with disabilities as it impacts children of color, children of poverty, and other marginalized populations as well (but, perhaps, in different way).

The manner in which Disability Studies in Education constructs inclusion is probably the closest to true "integration" as envisions by both the Brown decision and the early laws governing the education of children with disabilities.
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 disability and the civil rights movement by Kathryn Young on March 25, 2004
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