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Endangered Coinage and The Affect of Music Education

Posted By: Lois Jones-Rasberry on November 5, 2003
Mr. Seaman,
I am intrigued about your research on the affect of music education. For five hours each week, I work with a county independent living skills program which includes students between the age of 15.5 and 18 years of age. Yes, the students are considered at risk and must qualify to participate in the program. Eligibility is defined as students who are in foster or group home care and/or on probation. Music has been a resourceful tool as I worked with the students to improve writing and communication skills. After working with the students over a period of six weeks, I gave them an assignment to development self stories within a framework. They were given flexibility in how they choose to present their stories. For example, an art illustration with a brief discussion, a favorite music piece that was clean--no explicit language or if the music piece was not clean, students could prepare an interpretive discussion to show how the lyrics, rhythm, etc., supported his/her self story. They were more options, however, out of 26 students, music was the preferred choice of 18 students. All students did a great job. After more reflection with the students, they said music gave voice to their frustrations, hopes, and future goals. There's more information but I would like to communicate with you via email and later arrange a phone call.

Lois Rasberry
Educational Change and Leadership Doctoral Program
Fielding Graduate Institute
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