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The teaching of Africa in American schools

Posted By: Martha Ntiforo on April 20, 2004
I would like to commend Trica Keating on a well written and long overdue article. I am a Ghanaian who has been living in the U.S. since the early seventies, currently an administrator in a Massachusetts public school system. I have been apalled at the ignorance of teachers, parents and the general community when it comes to Africa. Once I realized that these ignorant attitudes about Africa help many people feel better about themselves, I gave up much of my efforts to correct the misrepresentations. It is good to know that I am wrong and that there are people like Trica, not engulfed in ethnocentricism, and willing to learn or to accept that the world is much larger than the U.S. I commend Mr.Amoh of the Pier Institute for taking on this gargantuan task. Martha
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 "The Teaching of Africa:" An Essential Resource Toward Fostering Global Education by Trica Keaton on September 27, 2002
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