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excellent try

Posted By: chenghsien li on July 14, 2004
Hi, Dear Mike,

It would be an excellent try to have such an integrated program created with and for some kids.

I think there are many people around the world who tend to have certain trouble with math but excellent in music. Here in Taiwan, some aboriginal peoples and their kids are just like that. Learning and playing music with math would help them in many ways.

One thing to be kept in mind is that these alternative programs should be developed by and for themselves, instead of introduced to them as packaged programs by some outsiders, e.g. instructional experts or academia. Otherwise they would simply become one more cultural invasion, meant to impose the higher culture onto their lower ones.

The subject matter of music and math to be integrated should come from their everyday life experience. It would also help entertaining their cognition, social-affection and aesthetic imagination to the realization of a better life and more harmonious world.

Chenghsien Li
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 How to put alternative music education to work so as to release imagination in the service of multiple community by chenghsien li on May 10, 2002
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