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Old School Elbow

Posted By: Mark Fuzie on May 14, 2003
I'm refering especially to his book from many years back called, I think, "A Writer's Workshop" in which he describes a course without grades, where assessment has to do with how an individual piece of writing affects an audience. The idea is that simply by writing and talking about writing, writer's will gain experience and thus "improve." There would be no "levels" but writers working on whatever they're working on. In "What is English" Elbow reflects on his experience with the 1987 English Coalition Conference which caused him to meditate deeply on what it means to teach writing and English. Now that I look at the dates of these writings, I'm feeling rather old and a desire to go back to school on the subject.
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 "Authentic" Assessment, Grades, and Standards by Duane Swacker on April 18, 2003
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