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Non - Traditional Learners

Posted By: Jane Blankman - Hetrick on May 7, 2002
When I was an undergrad at the age 40, I experienced the culture shock of being a non-tradtional student. At one point I was felt so distanced, overwhelmed, and frustrated,I headed to the registrars office to drop out. Once there I met 3 other Non-traditionals about to do the same thing. We started our "Non-Traditional Students or NUTS ( We have to be nuts to putting ourselves through this!)" organization on the spot. Non-traditional organizations meet student needs through supportive activities like study groups, sharing child care, and giving emotional support. As you stated it does not necessarily fit into the structured organization format.

Eventually the group also acted as lobbying group and we were able to approach the University to make needed changes and be more aware of issues facing the Non Traditional student.

My suggestion is to pre-develop by laws then ask for input. If your campus has an intranet system - a listserve or email forum could be developed. Busy Non-Tradtionals may not have time to drop everything and go to a meeting, but can drop a quick email to someone.

Good luck and don't give up, it's what Non Traditional students need. I can credit my degree and sanity to the NUTS group.

Jane Blankman-Hetrick
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 Infusing Adult Learners (Non-Traditional Learners) into a rigid learning environment by Linda Stanley-James on April 18, 2002
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