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Infusing Adult Learners (Non-Traditional Learners) into a rigid learning environment

Posted By: Linda Stanley-James on April 18, 2002
I work at a small private college and have been given the job or task of providing services to Non-Traditional Learners. Our campus still views everything from teaching style to campus activities the younger population.
I tried to form an organization which was working until they were required to complete forms to have meetings and events going through "rituals" if form completions and other things younger students have time for. The organization which worked well when not "recognized" quickly fell apart once we needed bylaws, officers, etc.
I feel we are still trying to fit these students into a mold that isn't who they are (i.e. square peg into round hole).

I've tried to get the students back promising our "old" format but it seems I've lost them. Can anyone help me
address the these issues without surveys (to few were returned). I don't know how to asses this. Help!?

Linda Stanley

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 Infusing Adult Learners (Non-Traditional Learners) into a rigid learning environment by Linda Stanley-James on April 18, 2002
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