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Learning Strategy

Posted By: James Wallace on January 22, 2003
I haven't seen anything exceptional in terms of templates for learning strategy development. I think it is often useful to ask the types of questions asked in strategy development generally and apply them to a learning context.
For example:

What are our training organization's products and services?

Who are our customers? Why do they use our products? How are our customers differentiated, and how do we position our products and services to address differences among customers?

Who are our competitors for our customers' business, and how do we position ourselves to win in the eyes of our customers?

What is the difference among us and our competitors that our customer sees? How does this difference affect their decision to choose us?

How much of our strategizing is internally focused, with little attention to customers or competitors?

What are our organizational goals (i.e., what is the purpose of strategy?

What kinds of changes are taking place in the social, economic, technological, etc. environments in which our customers function and our services are delivered? What are these changes specifically, and how will they affect our organization? Are they opportunities or threats?

What substitute options do our customers have?

What are our training organization's distinctive competencies (and weaknesses), and what evidence do we have of these competencies? How do those contribute to (or inhibit) the development of other competencies in our customer base?

A classic source for clear thinking on strategy generally is Michael Porter, who lays out a comprehensive framework for strategizing in Competitive Strategy and Competitive Advantage, two fairly old but in my opinion, not dated sources.
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 Learning Strategy by steven rauschkolb on July 31, 2002
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