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Children of War

Posted By: Aline Stomfay-Stitz on January 16, 2004
Dear Dr. McClure, You have raised many provocative questions. Through AERA (Am. Educ. Research Assoc.). many of us involved with this issue - Peace Education- have a Special Interest Group.There is another SIG - Global Children also concerned with this issue. In addition, the Assoc. for Childhood Educ. International(ACEI) has issued Policy Statements on this topic.(on their website).I have a column -"Peace Education Network" and written on "Children of War." Here in Florida, many of us live and work with these children on a daily basis. I started a Tutoring Project with ESOL children (all victims of war, revolution) and my students at Jacksonville Univ. Florida finally has launched (after a law suit) active programs for them in academic areas. I can point to a non-profit organization, Lutheran Social Services that has done more for these refugees than any other entity(English, jobs, housing, access to medical care, etc..) We have in our schools the "Lost Boys of Sudan" and children from all of the nations involved in war or revolution in the past decade. I hope that this helps and can point you in several directions. Sincerely, Aline Stomfay-Stitz, Online Newsletter Editor, Peace Educ. SIG, American Educational Research Assoc.(past issues are available at aera.net-Membership-SIGs)
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 Children and War by Maureen McClure on December 18, 2003
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