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Discussion Posts for The Missing Element in Reducing the Learning Gap: Eliminating the "Blank Stare"
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 Thinking and questions by Marjorie Larner on October 11, 2004

 HOTS - grade level?? by Carolyn Anderson on October 11, 2004

 Typical M istake by Melvin Thomas on October 9, 2004

 A constructive critique by Barbara Acosta on October 8, 2004

 The blank stare phenomenon. Gordon Lawrence by Gordon Lawrence on October 8, 2004

 Observations of a HOTS Teacher by Sharon Long on October 8, 2004

 Answering the Why, Who, What, etc. by Sherry Stern on October 7, 2004

 Eliminating the Blank Stare by Pearl Polestico on October 7, 2004

 Effective Questioning by Tami Canterbury on October 7, 2004

 The missing Element..... by maria lins on October 7, 2004

 Eliminating the Blank Stare by John Bransford on October 7, 2004

 Eliminating the Blank Stare by Martha Murphy on October 7, 2004

 Getting kids to ask the Qs by Diane McGrath on October 7, 2004

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