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Discussion Posts for The Bozo Syndrome
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 Academic arrogance and ignorance by Norman Norris on April 24, 2003

 Right on target by William Gaudelli on April 17, 2003

 90 day wonders by Harold Jones on April 11, 2003

 Bozo by Gary Bonczak on April 9, 2003

 Some additional considerations by Michael Malone on April 9, 2003

 Bozo the Clown by Richard Robertson on April 9, 2003

 Bozo and the Dunces by Robert Seney on April 9, 2003

 ID perspective by Jo Meyertons on April 9, 2003

 Hang in there . . by Angela McGhee on April 8, 2003

 Bozo by Lee Burch on April 8, 2003

 Tasting the margaritas in book the The Sabre Tooth Curriculum by Luciano Salinas on April 8, 2003

 Bozo the Clown by Ranae Beyerlein on April 8, 2003

 Is there an answer? by Yvonne Gaston on April 8, 2003

 So true by jay anderson on April 8, 2003

 Baines is no Bozo by David Ferguson on April 8, 2003

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