Statements by Various Members of the Committee

by Adelaide M. Ayer, Mildred English, Arthur I. Gates, William S. Gray, Ernest Horn, James F. Hosic, William H. Kilpatrick, Lois Coffey Mossman, E. E. Oberholtzer, Almack John C., Baker Frank E., Beatty Willard W., Beechel Edith E., Billings Neal, Boraas Julius, Brim Orville G., Brueckner Leo J., Charters W. W., Collings Ellsworth, Cook Katherine M., Davidson Percy E., Eaton Theodore H., Edmondson C. B., Flanders J. K., Graver F. M., Green Ethel, Hall John W., Harap Henry, Harris Pickens E., Heckert J. W., Hosic James F., Hughes Lola, Johnson Marietta, Keliher Alice V., Kyte George C., Lull H. G., Maloney Josephine , Mead Cyrus D., Mearns Hughes, Morrison J. Cayce, Parker Beryl, Pickell Frank G., Pollitzer Margaret , Pottenger Mary O., Pratt Caroline, Seeds Nellie M., Shimel Vesta M, Smith Eugene Randolph, Waddell Charles W., Washburne Carleton & Wilson G. M. - 1934

Perhaps the nearest synonym to 'activity' in an educational sense and as conceived by advocates of the application of the psychology of dynamic learning is 'experiences,' though 'enterprises,' 'units,' 'units of work,' 'centers of interest,' 'undertakings,' and other terms may mean the same thing in some schools.

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This article originally appeared as NSSE Yearbook Vol 33, No. 2.

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