Gender and Public Education: From Mirrors to Magnifying Lens

by Meg Campbell & Diana Lam - 1993

This chapter reflects our experience as educators in the Boston Public Schools and most recently in the Chelsea (Massachusetts) Public Schools. We believe that our experience, imagination, and knowledge, as well as other women's, not only matter but illuminate our way. We think of Alice standing before the looking glass, and like her, we step through and across the divide into another world of possibility. The fact that our world is the world of urban public education does not matter in the final analysis. The way we see—the eyes we bring, the curiosity and the willingness to take all of ourselves as females through the glass with us—defines our perspective. How we see and the lenses we enlist—from magnifying to bifocal to telescopic--to expand our vision are what count.

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This article originally appeared as NSSE Yearbook Vol 92, No. 1.

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