Work Redesign that Works for Teachers

by David Mayrowetz & Mark A. Smylie - 2004

In this chapter, we explore the promise of work redesign for teacher workforce development by examining both the theory of redesign and the research on its effectiveness. After categorizing work redesign along two dimensions—whose work is changed (the individual or the collective) and in what way (reassigned or redefined)—we conclude that initiatives that redefine jobs rather than simply reassigning tasks and that focus on collective rather than individual work should be most effective, especially for promoting teacher performance.

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This article originally appeared as NSSE Yearbook Vol 103. No. 1.

Cite This Article as: Teachers College Record Volume 106 Number 13, 2004, p. 274-302 ID Number: 18572, Date Accessed: 5/27/2022 7:05:25 PM

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