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For the Learning of Mathematics

For the Learning of Mathematics aims to stimulate reflection on mathematics education at all levels, and promote study of its practices and its theories: to generate productive discussion; to encourage enquiry and research; to promote criticism and evaluation of ideas and procedures current in the field.

It is intended for the mathematics educator who is aware that the learning and teaching of mathematics are complex enterprises about which much remains to be revealed and understood.

"Mathematics education" should be interpreted to mean the whole field of human ideas and activities that affect, or could affect, the learning of mathematics. It draws upon a number of more established cognate disciplines, including psychology, mathematics, sociology, linguistics and philosophy, each of which has its own phenomena of interest and parallel structures, modes of enquiry, conceptual tools and methodological norms, strutures of knowledge and means of validation.

Articles about mathematics or about psychology, for example, are welcomed provided their content bears on the learning of mathematics. This might be achieved directly, or indirectly through offering a significant perspective to teachers of mathematics.

The journal has space for articles which attempt to bring together ideas from several sources and show their relation to the theories or practices of mathematics education. It is a place where ideas may be tried out and presented for discussion.

URL: http://ace.acadiau.ca/~dreid/cmesg.html

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