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School Effectiveness and School Improvement

The aim of the journal is to present information on research, educational practice and policy-making in the fields of school effectiveness and school improvement in a format that is accessible to both researcher and practitioner. Within this journal it will be assumed that the ultimate criterion for effectiveness and improvement is the educational progress of students regardless of family background and economic status.

The journal will focus on issues and findings about school effectiveness and improvement in primary, secondary and higher education (general and vocational) and also in more informal systems of practice.

Manuscripts can be submitted based upon:

  • research
  • reviews of research
  • educational practice
  • policy-making within the area of school effectiveness and school improvement
  • instructional effectiveness and evaluation
  • and on related matters.

    The orientation of the journal is not narrowly quantitative and empirical. Qualitative data, case studies, historical analysis and more theoretical/analytical/philosophical material is equally highly regarded. A primary aim of the journal will be to make research accessible and useful to practitioners through carefully written methodology sections and discussion of research results in ways that relate to practitioners.

    Contributors are asked to always explore the implications of their work for practice, and for policy-making that concerns practice.

    URL: http://www.swets.nl/sps/journals/sesi.html

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