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Journal of Blacks in Higher Education

The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education is an issue-oriented publication that examines the progress of African Americans in the nation's colleges and universities. Articles should be original works of thought and opinion and should not include extensive reviews of the work or published papers of others.The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education is dedicated to the conscientious investigation of the status and prospects for African Americans in higher education. For young blacks, a college diploma may now be converted to a degree of economic power. College education not only allows young African Americans to enjoy the rich blessings of liberal education, it also permits them to have much greater control over their economic destinies. The striking new importance of higher education in the lives of black Americans is a major reason for The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education. As never before, African Americans now need a lot of new information about the governance, policies and practices in our colleges and universities. This is fundamental since all intelligent action depends on knowledge of the workings of the institutions that affect one's life. There is no human impulse more primary than this need to know.

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