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Portal: Libraries and the Academy

portal: Libraries and the Academy, an international refereed quarterly journal, publishes articles that focus on all aspects of librarianship within higher education. portal also explores how technology is affecting librarianship and scholarship, as well as the role of libraries in meeting institutional missions. The information revolution presents numerous challenges to librarians and administrators in several areas, including archiving, copyright, and distance learning. portal covers these and many other topics as they relate to the rapidly changing needs of academics and the roles of libraries and librarians. Each issue includes peer-reviewed articles on subjects such as library administration, information technology, and information policy. Reviews of newly published books in areas of librarianship and higher education, as well as reviews of computer and database resources, are featured. Other continuing features address technological issues, research, standards, and policy and strategic planning. portal provides an unbiased outlet for issues that scholars have been unable or unwilling to address in other venues. portal is part of the Muse collection and issues are available first in electronic form.

URL: http://muse.jhu.edu/journals/pla/index.html
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