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Teaching Education

Teaching Education is an interdisciplinary forum for innovative practices and research in teacher education. Submission of manuscripts from educational researchers, teacher educators and practicing teachers is encouraged. Contributions are invited which address social and cultural, practical and theoretical aspects of teacher education in university, college and school-based contexts.

The journalís focus is on the challenges and possibilities of rapid social and cultural change for teacher education and, more broadly, for the tranformation of education. These challenges include: the impact of new cultures and globalisation on curriculum and pedagogy; new collaborations and partnerships between universities, schools and other social service agencies; the consequences of new community and family configurations for teachersí work; generational and cultural change in schools and teacher education institutions; new technologies and education; and the impact of higher education policy and funding on teacher education.

URL: http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/carfax/10476210.html
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