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Educational Insights

In 1990, a graduate-student journal, Educational Insights, was initiated by the Centre to give graduate students an opportunity to reach out to other educators by publishing what they have learned from their studies and by serving in an editorial capacity to help others share their work. The journal welcomes papers that offer original, thought-provoking, and imaginative explorations of curriculum theory and practice. It encourages a wide range of voices, perspectives, positions, and approaches that enlarge our understanding of the educational process. This peer-reviewed journal also welcomes reviews of recently published books on a wide range of issues related to education or educational research methodology. Authors can contribute reviews of books selected on their own or recommended by the editor. Reviews should be within 600-800 words and are read by members of the Editorial Board for consideration of publication.

URL: http://www.csci.educ.ubc.ca/publication/insights/
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