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Teaching Theology and Religion

Good teaching and learning are essential for the vitality and effectiveness of departments and institutions of higher education engaged in the study of religion and theology. Teaching Theology and Religion sustains a new international discourse among faculty members about teaching and learning in the several sub-disciplines in the study of religion. The level of discourse and the quality of the journal are establishing teaching and learning as an equal partner in scholarly publication.

Teaching Theology and Religion publishes:

  • Articles-
    Peer-reviewed articles on teaching and learning in theology and religion, focusing on: diverse styles of learning, the philosophy and theology of teaching, assessment in theology and religion, objectivity and advocacy in teaching, information technology and theological teaching, contextualization of teaching in different countries, and other issues in teaching and learning.
  • Notes from the Classroom-
    Peer-reviewed shorter articles which provide specific examples of teaching and brief practical ideas for exploration in the classroom.
  • Reviews of Teaching Materials-
    This section is not a general review of books in religion, but a focused review of materials in a variety of media - including text books, films, and electronic materials - that are intended for use in classes or that pertain to teaching in religion departments or theological schools.

    URL: http://www.blackwellpublishers.co.uk/journals/TTR/descript.htm
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