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Journal of Teacher Education

The Journal of Teacher Education is leading teacher education toward the 21st century with timely, thorough articles written by expert practitioners.

The Journal of Teacher Education is a trusted, respected voice in teacher education. It will help you better prepare your future teachers to cope with the challenges and demands they'll face.

Covers such timely themes such as:

  • Field Experiences and Teacher Education
  • Cognitive Science and Critical Thinking
  • Preparing Teachers for Urban Schools
  • Teachers' Beliefs
  • and, Accreditation and Certification.

    The Journal of Teacher Education publishes conceptual and empirical articles that contribute to teacher education as a field of inquiry. Each issue has thematic and general interest articles and book reviews. Themes and deadlines are published in each issue.

    Manuscripts submitted to JTE are anonymously reviewed by three or more referees unless they are clearly inappropriate due to length, style, or topic. The editors will return manuscripts that do not meet submission requirements.

    Articles are judged for (a) significance to the field, (b) comprehensiveness of the literature review, (c) clarity of presentation and (d) adequacy of evidence for conclusions. Research manuscripts are also evaluated for adequacy of rationale and appropriateness of design and analysis.

    URL: http://www.sagepub.co.uk/frame.html?http%3A//www.sagepub.co.uk/journals/details/j0111.html

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