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Reading Psychology

Prepared exclusively by professionals, this refereed journal publishes original manuscripts in the fields of literacy, reading, and related psychology disciplines.

Articles appear in the form of:

  • completed research;
  • practitioner-based "experiential" methods or philosophical statements;
  • teacher and counselor preparation services for guiding all levels of reading skill development, attitudes, and interests;
  • programs or materials;
  • and literary or humorous contributions.

    Regular features include leaders in reading research and instruction, research into practice, and ERIC research reviews and timely reviews of learning resources, including both books and instructional packages and programs.

    These should be addressed to the editors. Upon approval of the editorial staff, letters to the editor will be published in a special column. Comments regarding the articles or other content of the journal should be addressed to the editor for possible publication in succeeding issues.

    URL: http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/default.html

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