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Educational Researcher

Published by American Educational Research Association, ER Features section publishes manuscripts that report, synthesize, review, or analyze scholarly inquiry, especially manuscripts that focus on the interpretation, implication, or significance of R&D work in education, and manuscripts that examine developments important to the R&D field. The "News and Comment" section publishes manuscripts that analyze trends, policies, utilization, and controversies concerning educational research. The "News and Comment" section provides an outlet for less formal work of researchers summarizing policies, taking points of view, and suggesting ways to increase support, quality, visibility, and utilization of educational research. ER publishes reviews, scholarly essays, and critiques of the written works of those engaged in disciplined inquiry. Short reviews cover a single book of broad interest for a line of work; essays reviews critically link several books across a topic. Reviews of contemporary films and pop music are also appreciated.

URL: http://www.aera.net/pubs/er/
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