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Educational Research and Evaluation

The Educational Research and Evaluation (ERE) is a journal of research relating to the practice of education. Its purpose is to provide an outlet for research from all nations and to communicate to the readers the findings of educational research from many perspectives, national contexts, and methodologies. The journal places few limitations on content, focus or methods used in the articles, as long as they include disciplined inquiry into important issues of educational practice. ERE will be international in content, perspectives, and readership. ERE will publish papers on:

-Fundamental research such as educational and cognitive psychology, sociology, classroom management, and instructional behavior of teachers.

-Design issues such as how to develop a curriculum, a school organization, a textbook or a national curriculum.

-Evaluation issues such as the performances of students, schools, and the system as a whole. In this area, for example, research with respect to educational effectiveness can be found. The journal accepts articles on all school levels, from (pre-) primary to secondary university education. In addition, manuscripts on statistical and methodological issues with respect to education at different levels are welcome.

The journal invites several types of contributions:

reports on research, replications of important previous work, critical, integrated theoretical and methodological contributions and review articles. The manuscripts can have different theoretical perspectives and also show different methodological approaches, quantitative as well as qualitative.

URL: http://www.swets.nl/sps/journals/ere2.html

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