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Peace and Conflict Studies

Peace and Conflict Studies is designed to discuss various issues in peace research and conflict analysis. Since its main goal is to initiate intellectual discussion about peace on various dimensions, we pursue a multi-disciplinary approach and make an effort to offer an interactive research and learning environment.

It publishes articles which deal with the environment, social change, grassroots movements, poverty and hunger, alternative economic development, human security, non-hierarchical world order, economic equity, nonviolence, disarmament, cultural studies, feminine views of peace, green politics, critical pedagogy, conflict resolution, etc.

However, we are also interested in other issues relevant to peace and conflict studies from various perspectives. We welcome manuscripts which address local, regional, or global problems and suggest strategies to deal with them. The articles may reflect personal research agendas, critical analysis of current events, research ideas in major academic fields, or new theoretical developments.

The journal promotes alternative discourse on a wide range of issues and serves as a network of those who are interested in peace research and education. It also attempts to develop communication between peace research communities and nongovernmental organizations working on anti-war, disarmament, environment, human rights, grassroots development, or similar issues.

URL: http://www.trenton.edu/~psm/pcs/

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