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Learning Environment Research

Learning Environments Reseach publishes original academic papers dealing with the study of learning environments including theoretical reflections, reports of quantitative and qualitative reseach, critical and integrative literature reviews and meta-analyses, discussion of pedagogical issues, reports of the development and validation of assessment instruments, and reviews of books and evaluation instruments.

The scope of the journal deliberately is very broad in terms of both substance and methods. 'Learning environment' refers to the social, physical, psychological, and pedagogical contexts in which learning occurs and which affect student achievement and attitudes.

The aim of the journal is to increase our understanding of pre-primary, primary, high school, college and university, and life-long learning environments irrespective of subject area. Apart from classroom-level and school-level environments, special attention is goven to the many out-of-school learning environments such as the home, science-centers, and television, etc. The influence of the rapidly developing field of Information Technology with its whole new range of learning environments is an important aspect of the scope of the journal.

A wide range of qualitative and quantitative methods for studying learning environments, and the combinations of qualitative and quantitative methods, are strongly encouraged.

The journal has an affilation with the American Educational Research Association's Special Interest Group on the Study of Learning Environments. However, having Regional Editors and an Editorial Board from around the world ensures that LER is a truly international journal.

URL: http://www.wkap.nl/journals/ler

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