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Young Children

The National Association for the Education of Young Children publishes this refereed journal which keeps members abreast of the latest developments in early childhood education with its readable yet scholarly approach to research and theory and its emphasis on expert classroom practice. Young Children is published bi-monthly and reaches teachers and directors of programs, such as childcare, preschool, Head Start, and primary grades. Other readers are teacher educators, decisionmakers at local or state levels, researchers in child development, or those who serve in related fields on behalf of young children.

Articles that Young Children publishes include:

  • Practical articles with ideas for teaching children and administering programs serving children in a developmentally appropriate manner (some discussion of why it is important to do these things should be present).
  • Scholarly articles that cite current research and theory as a basis for making recommendations for practice (at least 1/3 of manuscript should contain practical applications).
  • Articles illustrating how an individual or group of people actually changed a program from less to more appropriate- in terms of what our profession knows- through experts' experience and research about how young children learn.
  • Essays about vital issues and neglected ideas in development, care, and education of young children.

    URL: http://www.naeyc.org
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