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Volume 121, Number 14, 2019

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by Diana Brandon, Alan Daly, Kenneth Frank, Christine Greenhow, Sihua Hu, Martin Rehm & Kaitlin Torphy
This introduction includes background, past and present boundaries to be crossed and a description of the organizers and our purpose. It elicits participation form the reader and the field in general (#cloud2class).

by Alan Daly, Jonathan A. Supovitz & Miguel Del Fresno
This piece reflects on the results and implications of our recent social media study that examined the Common Core through Twitter activity over a 2-year period. During this study, we examined the high-level social side of social media (Twitter) in an effort to analyze, visualize, and make sense of the often hidden world of online interactions that influence educational policy.

by Martin Rehm, Stefania Manca, Diana Brandon & Christine Greenhow
This chapter analyzes 80,267 articles from the Web of Science Core Collection database, using a combination of co-citation and bibliometric analyses using a mixed-methods approach. Our results show that there has been a constant increase in the number of publications concerned with social media, both as a transversal topic and within the educational sector.

by Ayesha Hashim & Jeffrey Carpenter
This chapter proposes a conceptual framework for unpacking the motivational factors that lead teachers to engage with social media for professional learning.

by Stacey Rutledge, Vanessa Dennen & Lauren Bagdy
In this multilevel exploratory case study, we examined the intersection of adolescent social media use and administrators’ and teachers’ work in one Florida high school. We found that students and adults engaged in active and intentional community building and informal learning across social media sites, however, these activities were separate from the formal activities in schools.

by John Lane, Brian Boggs, Zixi Chen & Kaitlin Torphy
In this chapter, the authors present a conceptual model for the enactment of virtual instructional resources.

by Daniel Krutka, Stefania Manca, Sarah Galvin, Christine Greenhow, Matthew Koehler & Emilia Askari
In this chapter, the authors argue that educators should teach “against” the problematic aspects of social media platforms, namely, components designed by companies to increase profits. They detail five aspects of this phenomenon, with each section outlining the problem and offering education suggestions.

by Christine Greenhow, Vincent Cho, Vanessa Dennen & Barry Fishman
As social media impact our lives in myriad ways, research on education and social media continues to grow, prompting the need to reflect on where the field should go from here to conduct the most impactful scholarship. Accordingly, this article proposes research directions and approaches that promise to advance this expanding field, grounded in insights from the long history of studying technology in education, including over a decade of research on social media.

by Diana Brandon
This chapter summarizes the activities and outcomes of the 2018 #Cloud2Class conference on social media in education. Reflections on the organization, execution, and future effects of the event are included.

by Alan Daly, Yi-Hwa Liou, Miguel Del Fresno, Martin Rehm & Peter Bjorklund Jr.
In this chapter, we argue for the importance of understanding the intersection between leadership and social networks and present some early data from social media space to support the importance of examining these topics.

by Hamid Karimi, Tyler Derr, Kaitlin Torphy, Kenneth Frank & Jilaing Tang
This article presents a roadmap on how to incorporate online social media data in education research from data mining and machine learning perspectives.

by Kaitlin Torphy & Corey Drake
This chapter builds on the notion of a Fifth Estate to examine education change and teaching within the 21st century. Using an application exercise with preservice teachers’ curation of instructional resources, we examine their reflections on the use of social media for professional purposes and instructional planning.

by Sihua Hu, Kaitlin Torphy & Amanda Opperman
This chapter presents a framework to examine culturally relevant curriculum materials found on Teachers Pay Teachers and discusses the unique challenges and opportunities to leverage social media for research and practice.

by Kenneth Frank & Kaitlin Torphy
This article is a dialogue between a curmudgeon and a millennial regarding the import of social media for education and for educational research. The topics include a broad understanding about what social media are and how they relate to teaching and curriculum; understanding about social media as a data artifact; and the quality of resources available on social media.

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