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transparent 13
Volume 124, Number 2, 2022

Featured Articles
by Bradley D. Marianno, Rebecca Jacobsen, Melissa Arnold Lyon & Annie A. Hemphill
Using data on 430 teacher candidates for state legislature during the 2018 midterm elections, this article examines the extent to which women teachers ran for state legislative office, where they won, and the degree to which they contributed to the surge of women representatives elected to state legislatures around the country. We focus, in particular, on the degree to which political activism in a women-dominated profession like education spurred a new generation of women state legislators.

by Sonya M. Alemán, Sofia Bahena & Enrique Alemán, Jr.
This article conceptualizes educational pipelines comparing the educational attainment of Chicana/o/x, White, Black, Asian, and Native students as critical race heuristics, or exegetic visual instruments and pedagogical tools used by critical race theory scholars to concisely depict structural inequities predicated on racial hierarchies that elicit understandings of systemic oppression, foster critical awareness, and inspire action.

by Raquel Farmer-Hinton & B. Tait Kellogg
This study explores how systemic barriers affect promise program students’ abilities to meet promise program requirements and their postsecondary goals. Study findings unpack how promise students (as well as their counterparts) navigate schools that are inequitable and influence senior-year course-taking, supplemental programming, and postsecondary advising, which can impact promise students’ access to the supports needed to meet scholarship aims.

by L. Trenton S. Marsh & Larry J. Walker
The authors focus on the interrelated mechanisms of disproportionality that hinder Black boys in the context of urban schools in the United States. We specifically address mis/beliefs and perceptions of majority-White teachers about Black boys as well as the carceral logics that gird micro-level school policies and practices, which can emerge as the connective tissue for criminalization and the school-to-prison nexus that disproportionately affects Black boys in the United States.

by Joseph A. Kitchen, Chen Chen, Gerhard Sonnert & Philip Sadler
This quasi-experimental examination explored the impact of participating in a college- or university-run STEM club or program on college-going students’ STEM career aspirations. Results showed that participants had 1.49 times the odds of expressing STEM career aspirations compared with a control group and that benefits accrued equally across diverse student background characteristics.

by Lam D. Pham, Gage F. Matthews & Xiu Cravens
This paper qualitatively examines learner experiences in a fully online learning program. We find that students value four learner-centered program characteristics (diversity, authenticity, safety, and individuality) and five community-centered program structures (facilitating peer-to-peer interactions, establishing norms and expectations, differentiating for learning preferences, explaining the strengths and limitations of technology, and supporting student-driven initiatives).

by Michal Muszkat-Barkan
This article uses qualitative methodology to explore the learning outcomes of an in-service professional development (PD) program for Palestinian and Jewish teachers in Jerusalem. It asks specifically what participants learned from their experience in an intercultural PD program and how they were personally and professionally affected by their encounters with the other.

by Wen-Chia Chang & Kara Mitchell Viesca
This article applies the lens of research as racialized social practice to examine 134 empirical studies on preparing K–12 teachers for culturally relevant/responsive teaching or pedagogy in the United States. The purpose of this article is to offer new lines of inquiry and perspectives that decenter whiteness, help sustain cultural pluralism, and promote systematic change in teacher education.

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