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transparent 13
Volume 123, Number 9, 2021

Featured Articles
by Bic Ngo & Diana Chandara
This article draws from a critical ethnographic study of a Hmong immigrant youth theatre project within a coethnic, community-based organization to examine the role of a Hmong staff as a “nepantlera” or boundary-crossing “guide” in Hmong youth’s negotiation of culture and identity. It significantly contributes to the need for research on the role of immigrant educators in supporting coethnic youth exploring struggles and changes within their families and ethnic community.

by Derrick R. Brooms & Keisha M. Wint
This article brings together the combined narratives of Black preschool and secondary school boys to discuss their articulations of “relational care” as a critical component of their educational experiences, relationships, and well-being.

by Andrew Brantlinger
This article examines the career trajectories of recent college graduates and career changers who became mathematics teachers in hard-to-staff schools through New York City Teaching Fellows (NYCTF). The goal is to understand the main patterns in their careers before, during, and after teaching.

by Blanca E. Vega
Drawing from organizational conflict theory, this year-long qualitative study involved 35 open-ended interviews conducted at a minority-serving institution (MSI) and a historically White institution (HWI). I asked: How does compositional diversity shape stakeholders’ perceptions of racial conflict?

by Christine G. Mokher, Toby J. Park-Gaghan & Shouping Hu
This study uses inverse probability-weighted regression adjustment (IPWRA) to explore variation in success rates regarding completion of mathematics and English requirements over three years for Florida college students in developmental education courses that use compressed, corequisite, modularized, or contextualized course strategies.

by Matt Garcia
This article uses longitudinal network analysis to describe district-to-district relationships, manifested as interdistrict student enrollments defined by at least one student moving in a given direction between any two districts. Findings on network density, reciprocity, centrality, closure, and homophily are associated with specific structural behaviors between districts.

by Lee Iskander
This article shows how six non-binary beginning teachers navigated gender expectations, worked to appear professional, and negotiated racial and gendered power dynamics in their initial teacher education and preservice teaching.

by Craig De Voto & Jessica J. Gottlieb
This study examined the adoption and implementation of edTPA as a professionalization and deprofessionalization tool across teacher preparation programs. The authors argue that such diverse responses reflect a deeper tension concerning the mechanisms that define “good” teaching and how best to measure it.

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