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Volume 123, Number 7, 2021

Featured Articles
by Ana Aracelly Olguín & Stephanie C. Sanders-Smith
This article shares the experience of a mother and child fleeing civil unrest in Guatemala to resettle as refugees in the United States. The study uses a Bourdieusian lens to describe feelings of unease and struggles the family encountered in their new community.

by Rebekah Berlin, Peter Youngs & Julie Cohen
This study used multivariate path analysis to examine how differences in elementary teaching candidates’ perceptions of the quality of their experiences in mathematical content courses, mathematical methods courses, and clinical placements interacted with their learning opportunities to seem to affect their mathematical knowledge for teaching, self-efficacy with regard to teaching mathematics, and pedagogical beliefs about mathematics.

by Bethy Leonardi & Sara Staley
A significant body of research on gender and sexual diversity in education has called on teachers to “move beyond inclusion” of LGBTQ+ voices in curriculum by queering their practice and “disrupting cis-heteronormativity.” In this case study, we focus on patterned moves that Laura, a first-grade teacher, made to disrupt cis-heteronormativity by supporting her students to cultivate what we call a “queer mindset”—a way of thinking, feeling, doing, that “rattles” her students’ common sense.

by Andrea J. Bingham
This article details how technology integration can be supported by distributed leadership practices. Specifically, this article examines how one personalized learning school engaged in successful technology integration through the use of “pilot teachers”—more experienced teachers who were willing to test new technology-driven practices, measure the results, regularly share best practices and failures with their teams, and train other teachers on those practices.

by Eleanor R. Anderson & Jeanette A. Colyvas
This highly actionable distillation of institutional theorizing offers a practical approach to analyzing and designing for both persistence and change. Illustrated through a multilevel analysis of the institutionalization and (potential) de-institutionalization of high-stakes testing, the article closes with implications for pursuing long-term equitable transformations.

by Tara D. Hudson, Alyssa N. Rockenbach, Matthew J. Mayhew & Lini Zhang
The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between the number of friendships across worldview differences in college students’ first year on campus and the prosocial outcome of pluralism orientation, which reflects acceptance of and active engagement with worldview diversity. Results revealed a positive association between interworldview friendships and pluralism orientation, providing additional support for the powerful relationship between friendship across social boundaries and college students’ prosocial development.

by Antía González Ben
Using the International Baccalaureate’s (IB) high school music curriculum as an entry point, this article examines the kind of “international” student that the IB claims to produce. It argues that the IB’s conception of the music student, while seemingly neutral and universal, relies on modern Euro-American ways of being and thinking based on Enlightenment notions of reason, the nation, and progress. In addition, it explores how such tropes discursively produce difference and exclusion.

by Naa Ammah-Tagoe, Kyra Caspary, Matthew A. Cannady & Eric Greenwald
Learning to Teach to Argue offers a window into the complexity of how teachers learn as they introduce evidence-based scientific writing in their classrooms, supported by the National Writing Project’s Inquiry into Science Writing Project. Grounded in Clarke and Hollingworth change environment, this article analyzes factors that mediate productive teacher enactment–reflection cycles.

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