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Volume 123, Number 5, 2021

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by Oren Pizmony-Levy , Bob Lingard & David Hursh
In this editorial, the authors situate the opt-out movement in the broader context of resistance to the global educational reform movement and its specific playing out in the USA in relation to the opt-out movement. The editors review the 11 articles and commentary and discuss the contributions of the collection as a whole to the literature. They note the contribution of the special issue to the literature on the application of social movement theory to educational politics and the literature on resistance to the global education reform movement.

by Oren Pizmony-Levy & Nancy Green Saraisky
In this study, we build on social movements theories to examine the social base – sociodemographic and motivations – of the opt-out movement in the United States, as well as whether this social base changed over time.

by Rosa L. Rivera-McCutchen
I examine how the public-facing work of NYSAPE addressed (or ignored) race and/or racism in their efforts to resist high-stakes testing. I also ask, in what ways do their public stances affirm and reinforce white privilege and power?

by Yinying Wang
This article examines the actor coalitions and discourse coalitions that have propelled the opt-out movement in the state of New York—the movement’s epicenter with the highest opt-out rate in the United States.

by Richard Paquin Morel
This article draws on social media data to analyze how participants in the opt-out movement frame issues related to standardized testing and accountability and traces the development of frames over time.

by David Casalaspi
This article examines the political consequences of the opt-out movement in four New York school districts.

by Michael P. Evans, Andrew Saultz & Sue Winton
This study examines how ideologically diverse participants in the Ohio opt-out movement utilized social media to support their activism. 

by Elizabeth Currin, Stephanie Schroeder & Todd McCardle
This article shares analytical portraits of three prominent activists in the Opt Out Florida Network to counter dominant narratives of the nationwide movement. These more nuanced accounts suggest that rather than acting on selfish, neoliberal desires, parents and teachers engaged in opt-out activism are mobilized by a belief in citizenship as shared fate.

by Michael A. Szolowicz
This case study explores efforts to legalize opting-out of standardized testing by examining the opt-out movement leadership’s demographics, rhetoric, and underlying conservative discourse represented in the political spectacle of the Arizona state legislative process.

by Jonathan A. Supovitz
This article uses integrative policy implementation theory to interpret the shifting national, state, and local factors that led to almost 20% of the test-eligible students in New Jersey to opt out of the state’s test in 2015.

by Zhe Chen, David Hursh & Bob Lingard
Over the last five years, approximately 50% of the students in Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island have opted out of the yearly standardized tests, third through eighth grade, and 20% across New York state. This article focuses on two grassroots organizations—New York State Allies for Public Education (NYSAPE) and Long Island Opt Out (LIOO)—and the two parents who have been central to the organizations’ success and the strategies and tactics that the two organizations have adopted to achieve such a high opt-out rate in New York.

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by Katie Zahedi, Jamaal A. Bowman & Harry Leonardatos
This commentary is part of the special issue on the Opt-Out movement.

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