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Volume 123, Number 4, 2021

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by Xiaodan Hu & Hsun-Yu Chan
This study examines whether the delivery location of dual enrollment (DE) impacts students’ college preparation and first-year academic momentum in college. Using inverse probability weighted regression adjustments to estimate the treatment effects, we found that taking DE course(s) on a college campus largely does not contribute to students’ college readiness and accumulation of academic momentum when compared with their peers who took DE course(s) elsewhere.

by Manuelito Biag & David Sherer
Using semistructured interviews, this article explores the cognitive and behavioral shifts that occur among educators who pursue a continuous improvement practice, and the organizational conditions and factors that enable such shifts.

by Erin E. McArdle & Jennifer D. Turner
This study examines the social supports (i.e., family, English teachers, and peers), and the personal resources (i.e., college aspirations, persistence in learning academic literacies, and racial consciousness) to which eight young African American men attributed their success in AP English coursework at a suburban high school.

by Maria Hantzopoulos, Rosa L. Rivera-McCutchen & Alia R. Tyner-Mullings
This article examines how teachers and students make meaning of their experiences transitioning away from high-stakes standardized tests to project-based assessment tasks (PBATs) and specifically considers the role that PBATs might play in shaping school culture. Drawing from three years of data collection at 10 New York City public high schools new to the Consortium, we discern how students and teachers negotiate this shift, paying attention to the ways in which PBATs fostered transformative and humanizing pedagogies and practices.

by Jeanne M. Powers & Kathryn P. Chapman
We analyze how Vergara v. California, a case that challenged five California state statutes that provide employment protections for teachers, was presented in print news media. Our analysis suggests that although Vergara v. California ultimately did not change the policies that govern teachers’ employment in California, it may have been more successful at challenging the relatively advantaged social construction of teachers.

by Jeremy Singer, Ben Pogodzinski, Sarah Winchell Lenhoff & Walter Cook
Drawing on ecological systems theory to study chronic absenteeism, the authors identify the association between student, neighborhood, and school factors and chronic absenteeism in Detroit, as well as between macro-level structural and environmental conditions and citywide chronic absenteeism rates in large U.S. cities. The authors’ findings suggest the need for coordinated, ecosystemic policy interventions that address structural and environmental barriers to attendance, along with school-based efforts that more immediately support students and their families.

by Alice Ginsberg, Marybeth Gasman & Andrés Castro Samayoa
This article explores the impact of Blocks, an innovative partnership between the teacher education program at New Mexico State University (a Hispanic-serving institution) and local schools. Unlike many university–school partnerships, Blocks is strategically designed to be mutually beneficial to both institutions, to level traditional hierarchies among professors and classroom teachers, and to provide candidates with an extended and integrated experience between methods coursework and classroom practice.

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