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Volume 123, Number 2, 2021

Featured Articles
by Jane C. Lo & Zahid Kisa
With increasing calls for more civics coursework across the country, this mixed-methods study elucidates the challenges of providing equitable civic education in mandated coursework.

by Christopher L. Busey, Alvaro J. Corral & Erika L. Davis
This study draws from and expands on Leo Chavez’s Latino Threat Narrative to illustrate how collapsible Latin American tropes and current anti-Latinx sentiments are reproduced in social studies curricula across the United States. Through a critical content analysis of social studies content standards nationwide, findings indicate that Latin America, and by extension, Latinxs are regularly situated as social and political dangers to the overall welfare of the United States, suggesting the presence of what we refer to as the Latinx Third World Threat Narrative.

by Dosun Ko, Aydin Bal, Halil Ibrahim Çakir & Hyejung Kim
This case study examines how Learning Lab, a social change intervention, created a collaborative problem-solving space wherein school stakeholders exercised their collective, transformative agency to bring about a qualitative transformation in the school discipline system at an urban middle school for the creation of culturally responsive and equity-oriented learning environments for all students.

by Jin Lee & Christopher A. Lubienski
Charter schools have been expected to weaken the close connection between residence and enrollment. By considering the increasing significance of socio-geography, this paper asks whether students have equal potential access to charter schools across communities and how disparities in charter school access are related with housing patterns. The study employing the spatial lag regression analysis of the New York metropolitan area data shows that children in areas less accessible to charter schools tend to be exposed to communities with more populations of color, higher unemployed groups, and less expensive housing. The findings offer empirical evidence that access to charter school differs depending on demographic and socioeconomic attributes in significant combination with geography, illuminating charter school location strategies in real-world contexts.

by Michael G. Gunzenhauser, Osly J. Flores & Michael W. Quigley
Drawing from an interview study, the authors analyze how K–12 school leaders define ethics, race-consciousness, and responsibility, finding among some leaders a race-conscious approach to leadership accompanied by community-based ethics of caring. Other leaders, relying on limited race-consciousness or various forms of race-evasiveness, evidence caring that is more impersonal and managerial, apparently limiting their capacity for equity leadership.

by Elizabeth J. Meyer & Mary Quantz
This literature review applies a Queer of Color critique and intersectional feminist analysis to 169 peer-reviewed articles published on the topic of Title IX since 1972.

by Joe Lott II, Dalya Perez & Theresa Ling Yeh
The purpose of this study is to engage in an inquiry-based process with practitioners of color to address the low graduation rates of men of color who attend predominantly White institutions (PWIs). This study utilizes a social design experiment (SDE) approach to examine what happens when staff of color on a predominantly-White campus come together to address educational inequities for men of color. We propose the concept of cross-racial agency as a unique form of relational agency where practitioners of color utilize design-based approaches to work across professional and racial boundaries toward a shared goal.

by Mary Ippolito
Drawing on data from 11 months of participant observation and eight semistructured interviews with key participants, this article analyzes community college students’ pursuit of their aspirations on campus and details two patterns in their approaches.

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