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transparent 13
Volume 123, Number 12, 2021

Featured Articles
by Shaneé A. Washington
This article reports on an Indigenous community’s fight for linguistic and cultural revitalization and educational equity in a New England town and school district. It describes Indigenous parents’ and community leaders’ engagement within, against, and beyond the public schools their children attend, centering their perspectives, priorities, and practices.

by María Cioè-Peña
Grounded in an ethnographic study, this article presents how testimonios gathered in Spanish with Spanish-speaking mothers serve as counter-narratives to research that positions them as disengaged. The article illuminates how mothers are systemically denied authority in their children’s education and how they subvert attempts to minimize their parental presence, and closes with a preliminary framework for culturally sustaining research.

by Crystal Chen Lee, Sibel Akin-Sabuncu, A. Lin Goodwin & Seung Eun (Sunny) McDevitt
Through a systematic literature review on 87 articles, this study’s purpose is to gain insight into what the literature says about educating immigrant children through the lens of social justice in Hong Kong (HK), Turkey, and the United States (U.S.), as each context presents a distinct case of immigration. In light of documented inequities experienced by immigrant children, we conduct our review within a framework of teaching immigrant students globally within, versus parallel to, the field of teaching for social justice.

by Julie Kim Yammine & Rebecca Lowenhaupt
Focusing on data from one school district in Illinois, we explored educators’ perceptions of the implications of immigration policies on their schools along with the factors that influence those perceptions.

by Guofang Li & Youngeun Jee
This mixed methods study examines 433 preservice teachers’ opportunities to learn to teach English language learners (ELLs) across different subprograms within a predominantly White teacher education program in the United States. Findings suggest that the program’s “the same for all” pan-diversity integration approach to teacher preparation has served as a collective equity trap that fails to equip preservice teachers with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions they need to successfully teach ELLs and reproduces inequity for ELLs.

by Jelisa S. Clark, Derrick R. Brooms, Matthew Smith & William Franklin
This article examines the engagement and leadership experiences of 12 Black and Latino college men through a critical race care lens by focusing on their roles as youth mentors with local middle school and high school students.

by Matthew T. Hora, Matthew Wolfgram, Zi Chen & Changhee Lee
In this article, we use field theory to examine survey (n = 1,549) and interview (n = 100) data on the ways that different forms of capital operate in college students’ lives to restrict their ability to pursue a college internship. Although internships are widely promoted in higher education, our findings demonstrate that 64% (n = 676) of students who did not take an internship had in fact wanted to but were kept from doing so by the need to work, a heavy course load, a lack of positions, and insufficient pay. The data also reveal differences in how students experience these obstacles based on their major, geographic location, socioeconomic status, and first-generation student status, highlighting the need for postsecondary institutions to actively institute support systems to help these students locate and then successfully pursue an internship or other form of work-based learning.

by James Soland
This study shows how a practice common in research and accountability policy of rank ordering schools based on value-added model estimates can mask troubling differences in school effectiveness, especially differential effectiveness by race.

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