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Volume 122, Number 4, 2020

Featured Articles
by David Hansen, Megan Laverty & Rory Varrato
The authors provide an overview of the special issue on reimaging research and practice at the crossroads of philosophy, teaching, and teacher education. They describe the purposes and the background of the research context out of which the issue arose, and they summarize the articles that comprise it.

by Jeff Frank & Joe McDonough
The authors respond to the question of what role there might be for philosophy of education in an era marked by the demand that students graduating from teacher education programs be immediately effective, with “effectiveness” often narrowly, if not wholly, defined by the results of student standardized test scores. Though philosophy appears marginalized by core practices approaches to teaching and teacher education, the authors suggest that as core practices gain traction, philosophers of education will find new opportunities to engage with teaching and teacher education.

by Cara Furman & Shannon Larsen
The authors deploy both qualitative data and philosophical argumentation to examine how an exercise, called "Interruptions," can help educators engage in thinking-in-action and, in turn, care for their ethical selves as persons responsible for the education of children and youth.

by Cristina Cammarano & Erin Stutelberg
There is a vital connection in teaching between curriculum and memories that should be fostered in our classrooms. The authors examine how the living work of teachers might reposition curriculum as a body of dynamic memories: a constellation of struggles and belongings, failures and accomplishments. The role of the teacher, in this context, is as a handler of those memories.

by María Paula Ghiso & Stephanie Burdick-Shepherd
The authors utilize the practice of philosophical meditation, as articulated in Pierre Hadot’s examination of philosophy as a way of life, to inquire into early childhood learning and teacher education, with particular attention to the discourses of improvement and accountability that have shaped current policies and reform efforts. The authors link this meditational focus with feminist and de-colonial theoretical perspectives to make visible the role of power in characterizations of children’s learning as related to norms of development, minoritized identities, and hierarchies of knowledge.

by Shilpi Sinha & Shaireen Rasheed
The authors explore transformative teaching through addressing the cognitive capacities as well as the racialized body schemas of college students in predominantly white institutions. They feature a case study of a teacher education classroom in which questions about race became prominent and which students struggled to engage meaningfully.

by John Fantuzzo & Mark Dixon
The authors argue that teachers and teacher candidates should be prepared to nudge students towards a pluralistic opportunity structure, rather than relying upon what they characterize as a highly reductive approach to success wherein going to college ‘counts’ as the sole marker of a meaningful life.

by Margaret Crocco
The author responds to several themes that emerge across the articles in the special issue, considering them in light of contexts of schooling, teacher education, and the contemporary historical moment in the United States. The articles raise salient concerns about what the reform movements of the last twenty or so years have meant for scholars, practitioners, and students who are involved in schooling and teacher preparation.

by Carol Rodgers
The author recounts aspects of the collaborative process that gave birth to this special issue as well as elements of teaching, teacher education, and philosophy that cut across the articles. The author focuses on the person, experience and reflection, and belief, purpose, mission, and alignment with practice. She attempts to bring these ideas to life through story.

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