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Volume 122, Number 10, 2020

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by David Blazar
While teacher coaching has a longstanding theory of action and has held up to rigorous evaluations of impact, less is known about the influence of policy contexts on coaching programs. This commentary synthesizes evidence on this topic from several analyses presented in this volume.

by Maggie Quinn Hannan & Jennifer Lin Russell
This article uses a case-based, mixed-methods approach to explore the interconnected organizational and contextual conditions that interact with instructional coaching practice to shape its effect on teaching and learning.

by Sarah Galey-Horn
This article introduces instructional-coach teams as a promising concept for understanding and supporting district reform efforts.

by Susan Bush-Mecenas, Julie Marsh & Katharine Strunk
School leaders are central to state and district human-capital reforms, yet they are rarely equipped with the skills to implement new evaluation, professional development, and personnel data systems. This two-year, mixed-methods study describes the role of principal supervisors as coaches in supporting principalsí implementation of human-capital reforms and examines their leadership coaching practice.

by Ayesha Hashim
This article is a sequential explanatory mixed-methods study of instructional coaching and systemic change, drawing on social-network and case-study data.

by Sarah Woulfin
This article applies concepts from organizational institutionalism to gauge the legitimacy and taken-for-grantedness of coaching in two charter management organizations and one public school district. It uses qualitative data to portray how and why coaching, as a counternormative lever for instructional reform, is more deeply institutionalized in certain educational organizations than in others.

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