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Volume 122, Number 1, 2020

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by Alyssa Hadley Dunn
This research investigates the experiences of educators in one metropolitan high school over the course of one school year. In particular, the research questions include: (1) How is the morale of exceptional urban teachers affected by the contextual factors of a neoliberal school climate? (2) How does their morale relate to teachers’ reports of their pedagogy? Findings share how teachers were making sense of a climate that felt like a “sinking ship” over which they had no control and how a “vicious cycle of disempowerment” influenced the way they believed they were performing in the classroom.

by Manka Varghese & Ronald Fuentes
This study examines why and how some emergent-bilingual students can successfully navigate their environments in order to apply for, get into, and complete a selective four-year college.

by Ryan Crowley & William Smith
In this conceptual article, the authors demonstrate how the tenets of White privilege pedagogy conflict with key principles of critical race theory and with important lessons from U.S. racial history.

by Ellen Mandinach, Ryan Miskell & Edith Gummer
This article examines the information parents want and need to make informed decisions about their child’s education. The article also examines the characteristics of websites and graphical displays that parents prefer to make the information accessible and understandable.

by Stephanie Zuilkowski, Benjamin Piper & Salome Ong’ele
This study used primary grade students’ gain scores in English and Kiswahili literacy as well as mathematics to examine whether Nairobi students attending low-cost private schools learned more than students attending government schools. The study also examined whether the gains in low-cost private schools and government schools differed within an intensive pedagogical intervention.

by Justin Ortagus, Dennis Kramer, Manuel González Canché & Frank Fernandez
This study presents a quantitative quasi-experimental case study of the effect of community college baccalaureate (CCB) adoption on associate degree production. When comparing adopting and non-adopting community colleges within the state of Florida, the authors find that the adoption of CCB degree programs has a positive impact on overall associate degree production, but this impact varies considerably according to the type of academic degree program.

by J. Cameron Anglum, Laura Desimone & Kirsten Hill
This study analyzes the implementation of a blended learning middle school mathematics intervention in a large urban school district in the northeastern United States. The study examines how teachers integrate blended learning strategies into their pedagogical practices and what factors, including school, teacher, and student attributes, facilitate or hinder these approaches.

by Adam Edgerton, Douglas Fuchs & Lynn Fuchs
This paper reports on significant developments in the implementation of college- and career-readiness (CCR) standards using representative survey data across three states as they pertain to students with disabilities (SWD), highlighting significantly different policy attitudes among teachers, principals, and district administrators.

by Tara Hudson, Darris Means & Elizabeth Tish
This qualitative study explored how participation in a community-based youth participatory action research (YPAR) project facilitated the perceived development of college-going capital for underserved (low-income, first-generation, and racially and ethnically minoritized) youth in a college access program. Findings indicate the YPAR project enabled participants to recognize their connections with and responsibility toward others in their community and empowered them to work to improve college access and success for low-income and first-generation students like themselves, outcomes that represent social and cultural forms of college-going capital that can aid underserved youth in accessing college.

by Hongwei Yu, Lyle McKinney & Vincent Carales
Using a quasi-experimental design, this study examined whether and how Federal Work-Study participation impacted academic outcomes among a racially/ethnically diverse sample of students attending a large, urban community college system in Texas.

by Rebecca Brower, Tamara Bertrand Jones, Shouping Hu & Toby Park-Gaghan
This multiple case study explores the self-determination needs of a large population of community college students: academically underprepared students. The context for this study was a dramatic redesign of developmental education in the Florida College System, which made it optional for many students.

by Joel Malin, Donald Hackmann & Ian Scott
This study examined how cross-sector collaboration has shaped the development and implementation of district-wide high school career academies in a large urban school district.

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by Michelle Knight-Manuel
I am honored and humbled to have been invited to join the distinguished ranks of editors of Teachers College Record. Along with my colleagues, I am excited to begin this new endeavor.

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