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transparent 13
Volume 121, Number 9, 2019

Featured Articles
by Andrew Hurie & Rebecca Callahan
This study explores two schools’ responses to Latinx emergent bilingual (EB) population growth via the intersecting racial and language ideologies informing and influenced by programmatic changes, educator perceptions, and pedagogical practices.

by Barrett Taylor, Kelly Rosinger, Lindsay Coco & Sheila Slaughter
Using Fligstein and McAdam’s theory of fields to posit that changing conditions reflect activities in overlapping and proximate fields, this study examines strategic actions that humanists undertake in response to shifting conditions.

by Hillary Parkhouse & Bryan Arnold
This study investigates whether students in classrooms using critical pedagogy might develop understandings of the roots of contemporary inequality.

by Siri Warkentien
The study identifies trajectories of racial/ethnic change in public elementary schools between 2000 and 2015.

by Christopher Harrison, John Wachen, Stephanie Brown & Lora Cohen-Vogel
This study presents findings and lessons learned from the National Center on Scaling Up Effective Schools (NCSU), which worked side-by-side with educators to implement a partnership-based continuous improvement process in a large urban school district.

by James Sebastian & Elaine Allensworth
This study examines how change in principal leadership relates to achievement growth, mediated via change in multiple organizational processes: parent-teacher trust, school climate, and professional capacity. The authors further examine how these mediational relationships are moderated by initial school conditions using moderation mediation analysis.

by Breanne Litts, Sari Widman, Debora Lui, Justice Walker & Yasmin Kafai
This articles present the Maker Studio model, through which students design a computational artifact and engage in practices found in studio arts, architecture, and engineering classes, as one potential solution to the growing tension between out-of-school making and current K–12 maker integration.

by Allison Atteberry, Sarah LaCour, Carol Burris, Kevin Welner & John Murphy
This study explores participation rates and achievement patterns for high school students exposed to detracked curriculum that provided open access to International Baccalaureate courses.

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