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Volume 121, Number 8, 2019

Featured Articles
by Carla O'Connor, Shantá Robinson, Alaina Neal-Jackson, Elan Hope, Adam Hengen & Samantha Drotar
This study examines how in making meaning of the status and experience of Black students and their families in one choice context, teachers compromise the prospect of greater educational opportunity via school choice.

by Susan Ledger, Michael Thier, Lucy Bailey & Christine Pitts
The OECD is adding a global competency measure to its Program of International Student Assessment (PISA) suite of assessments for 15 year olds in 2018. Given the OECD’s hegemonic role in influencing multinational education policy, the inclusion is globally significant and requires scrutiny to ensure multicontextual and cultural viewpoints of “global competency” prevail over the possibility of more narrow privileged perspectives.

by Amy Li & William Zumeta
Using data on the 50 American states from 1980 to 2013, this study examines the prioritization of state student aid relative to institutional support during periods of substantial declines in higher education spending. Student aid is found to be most often prioritized in such downturns and this is generally consistent within states over time, while states with higher aid funding per student and lower unemployment rates at the onset of a downturn are more likely to prioritize aid during the downturn.

by Dong Wook Jeong & Thomas Luschei
This article compares the distribution of teacher characteristics in South Korea and the United States, using data from the 2013 Teaching and Learning International Survey. Examining teacher distribution patterns across both schools and classrooms, the authors find greater cross-school inequities in the United States; cross-classroom differences are inequitable in both countries, but in different ways.

by Harper Keenan
This article addresses how colonial violence is represented to young children in U.S. textbooks through a content analysis of California fourth-grade history textbook chapters on the Spanish colonial mission system.

by Juan Sánchez
This empirical study is a frame analysis of the public discourse from four key policy involved in the debate over the Common Core State Standards.

by Federick Ngo & Jenna Sablan
This study examines the educational progress of Asian and Pacific Islander students using academic transcripts with disaggregated race/ethnicity data from a large California community college district. Focusing on Southeast Asian and Pacific Islander students, the authors analyze momentum towards key college persistence and completion milestones and track progression through developmental math education, one of the key barriers community college students face in completing community college.

by Michael Gottfried, Leanna Stiefel, Amy Schwartz & Bryant Hopkins
This article examines whether students with disabilities (in traditional public schools) have different absence patterns based on being in classrooms with greater or fewer students without disabilities. Relying on longitudinal data from New York City’s public-school system, the findings indicate that students with disabilities have lower absences when in rooms with mostly students without disabilities, and this is particularly so for students with emotional disabilities.

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