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Identity, Integrity, and Purpose: How Community College Prepared Me for an Academic Career
by Brian Kapitulik
This commentary tells the story of how one sociologist’s experience as a community college student set him on an unlikely path to academia.
Unearthing The Remoter Sides of Remote Learning
by Monica Bhattacharjee
This commentary examines some of the less talked-about aspects of remote learning through my first-hand lenses as an online educator for an undergraduate course in Education. I look into the sociomaterial equations at play in connection to issues of agency, engagement, and perceptions of surveillance, concluding that these are gainfully supported by remote methods of learning.
Featured Articles

Reconceptualizing Risk and High School Noncompletion: The Case of Latina/o Ninth-Grade Leavers in an Urban School

by Tara M. Brown, Alice L. J. Cook & Jesus Santos
Drawing on interviews with 25 Latina/o ninth-grade leavers and school policy documents, this article examines how uncertainties about high school completion arise and are negotiated in the school context in ways that contribute to risks for school-leaving. The article employs a theoretical framework that considers both objective and socially constructed dimensions of risk.
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Immigrant-Origin Students in Community College: How Do They Use Their Time on Campus?

by Edwin Hernandez, Carola Suárez-Orozco, Janet Cerda, Olivia Osei-Twumasi, Monique Corral, Yuliana Garcia, Dalal Katsiaficas & Nidia Ruedas-Gracia
Immigrant-origin students are the fastest growing new population in community colleges, yet little is known about how they make use of their campus spaces. Through a mixed-methods strategy, this study sought out to understand in what ways and to what degree immigrant-origin students in community college use their time on campus.
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Book Reviews


Critical Pedagogy: An Exploration of Contemporary Themes and Issues

by Tomas Boronski
reviewed by Katherine Barko-Alva & Lisa Porter


Multiliteracies in English as an Additional Language Classrooms: Methods, Approaches, and Lessons

by Luciana C. de Oliveira, Ana Maria Menda, and Cristiane Vicentini
reviewed by Cecilia M. Espinosa


Overcoming Educational Racism in the Community College: Creating Pathways to Success for Minority and Impoverished Student Populations

by Angela Long
reviewed by Brian L. McGowan & Donovan Livingston


Partnering with Immigrant Communities: Action Through Literacy

by Gerald Campano, María Paula Ghiso, and Bethany J. Welch
reviewed by David Campos & Rocio Delgado

Education researcher Louie Rodriguez discusses his TC Record article,"'Everybody Grieves, but Still Nobody Sees': Toward a Praxis of Recognition for Latina/o Students in U.S. Schools." Watch and discuss this episode on Vialogues.

Publishing in TCR
To submit work to the Teachers College Record, please use our online submission system. To access the system, use the link "Submit My Work," found in the Member Center. The submission system will explain our publishing guidelines, and will allow you to upload your manuscript. Please consult the following Editorials for additional information.

Envisioning the Future of TCR

by Michelle G. Knight-Manuel
Leveraging the strengths of the journal, welcoming more inclusivity, and enhancing their digital presence animates new directions for engaging the broader national and international educational community in service of the public good.
Special Commentary Series
Community College Is Where It Began
by Linda Rivera
This commentary centers around a personal story of dreams coming true for an immigrant Latino woman who obtained a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, and the community college that made it all possible.
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