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technology education vs educational technology

Posted By: DR.Wes Perusek on July 16, 2003
Great confusion reins in the education world on the use ,meaning and implications of terms : technology education leading to technological literacy and educational or instructional technology meaning mostly computers in education. The two are not the same. One is not synonymous with the other.

The International Technology Education Association's Technology for All Americans Project funded by NSF and NASA is attempting to address the issue in Standards for Technological Literacy. The National Academy of Engineering's Technically Speaking-Why All Americans Need To Know More About Technology helps in clarifying issues. AAAS 2061 Benchmarks for Science Literacy builds the case somewhat in two chapters and the Technology Panel Report. And the National Science Board Commission On Precollege Education In Mathematics, Science and Technology in 1983 made the further earlier case. But the history of technology and the history of technology education helps even further- but only if people read and understand it.
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 technology education vs educational technology by DR.Wes Perusek on July 16, 2003
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