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Any idea to help students creat a frutiful summer vacation?

Posted By: chenghsien li on July 16, 2003

Here comes summer vacation again. We are a group of primary and secondary teachers dedicated to the creative education in Taiwan. After working so hard to help students being more creative, it would be very good if we can come up with some idea that we can share with teachers and parents around the world to help all children create a fruitful summer vacation. It would be more wonderful if all of the creative teachers including you around the world can joint us with your idea and maybe your current practices.

According to Habermas' communicative action theory, being creative means to bring something valid to the world (including the natural objective world, our interpersonal or common world, and everyone's subjective world). Therefore, we could produce, make and initiate something original, valuable and appropriate to help create a new world. Any idea to share?

(1) What methods or strategies can creative teachers apply to facilitate students to plan for a creative and fruitful summer vacation?
(2) How can we integrate variety of subjects into a holistic summer vacation plan?
(3) What criteria should we apply to evaluate students' creative summer vacation plan, e.g. interesting, original, valuable, and valid, etc? Do you have any other creative suggestion?
(4) Besides writing format, more creative media or format for presenting the creative plans. Can you and your students work out some idea to present your creative plans?

My idea is to come up with a creative sentence or phrase, with which we can show our appreciation to some person, thing, or events. Simply once a day. To be sure, our world would become a better new world if everyone can simply do this everyday.

Look forward to hearing from you and your students' creative summer vacation plan.

Chenghsien Li (Clibird)
Graduate School of Educational Philosophy
National Chengchi University
Taipei, Taiwan
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 Any idea to help students creat a frutiful summer vacation? by chenghsien li on July 16, 2003
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