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Rubrics, grading, and conversations

Posted By: Mark Fuzie on April 17, 2003
I'm fortunate to teach at a community college where my colleagues all have degrees or other formal training in the teaching of composition. We actually discuss our expectations and have formalized them into minimum outcomes. From our standard standards we derive our particular courses. We review our outcomes and our ability to get students, generally, to meet them periodically and make adjustments. We've prioritized these standards based on conversations we've had with colleagues across campus in non-english disciplines and the universities our students might attend. Having such conversations, I'll grant, requires a certain type of culture, but we worked to create that culture, too. We're not perfect, but at least our students don't complain too much about varying standards. We're pretty much in agreement on the big stuff. Our college is also developing degree-wide rubrics to measure student abilities with analytical reasoning, communication, and problem solving (which elsewhere might be called numeracy).
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 Rubrics, grading, and conversations by Mark Fuzie on April 17, 2003
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